Jason Bieler of Saigon Kick w/ guest Shawn Scheller 1.12.18 The Attic-Tampa  

Hey friends, 

    So excited to have another opportunity to perform with my friend/mentor/producer and future minor league hockey star Jason Bieler (of Saigon Kick, Owl Stretching). It is a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with us in the gorgeous and intimate setting known as The Attic at Rock Brothers Brewing (link here) https://www.facebook.com/theatticyborcity/. Co-Operator &  founder Kevin Lilly(see link) https://www.facebook.com/kevinlilly and his staff have made this venue the mecca in Tampa for live intimate national shows and their line of Rock Brothers specialty brews and ales and second to none. (Try 311 Amber Ale). Jason enjoyed his first experience at The Attic so much that he had turned it into a live album release (listen & purchase here): https://jasonbieler.bandcamp.com/album/jason-bieler-live-at-the-attic-ybor-city  I had the pleasure of performing at The Attic back in November as support for Sister Hazel for a one-off Save The Radio unplugged reunion gig and it was a great experience. Excellent sound in a classic Ybor City brick and oak environment, so I'm looking forward to returning a being a part of Jason's night of unplugged storytelling, hits, covers and nefarious entanglement. I hope to see you all at this very special show. Please click the link below for tickets while their still available. Jason Bieler Live at The Attic-Ybor w/ guest Shawn Scheller




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